What is Gymitless?

Gymitless is a fitness network that is designed to give non-franchised gyms the same amenities as franchised gyms.

How does Gymitless benefit your members?

Gymitless gives your members nationwide access to fitness facilities. No longer do your members have to be stuck using hotel gyms or paying day passes at locations when they are traveling.

How does Gymitless benefit my gym?

Gymitless gives your members one more reason to love your gym which increases loyalty.
Gymitless is zip code exclusive! That is right, we will not let any of your competitors in the same zip code join the Gymitless network! Do what your competitors can’t, give your members nationwide access to fitness facilities!
Monetization! Although many of our partners give Gymitless to their members for free, we made Gymitless so cheap that it is easy for you to not only see a return on your investment, but to make money off Gymitless!
Price Guarantee! What we charge you for your locations will never go up as long as you keep those locations with us!

How does Gymitless work?

Your gym joins the network... Your members get access to fitness facilities... Members provide valid ID at paticipating locations... your member gets to work out for free!

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